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Photo Cyber Buddy Bre Thurston

I still hate seafood but I’d meet my little cyber buddy anywhere, including Joe’s-everything-from-water-Crab-Shack. Years ago when I got started on my little photo journey I joined an online forum called HUGE, HUGE, HUGE recommendation for any photogs to join. It was a main contributor to helping me hone my skills, or even start to GET skills. One of the friends that I made on that site was the talented and gorgeous Bre Thurston from California. Bre and I would comment on the others photos giving feedback and slowly developed a little kinship.:)Bre recently moved to Seattle with her son and husband for a job at Amazon. Yay…closer. Seattle meant it was quite possible we’d get to say hello…but then I found out she was heading to le ol’ City of Trees for a family photshoot. Yippy for me! We made some plans to meet up at the place where all things water go to die and be eaten. It’s always a little nerve-wracking meeting someone you’ve more or less “known” for years but never met. Bre’s such a sweetheart and so easy going it was like we were old friends. Oh, and she loves bright colors too. YAY! I had to steal a few shots of her before she went home. Thanks again Bre. I hope you enjoy S-town.


Amy + PJ | Boise Lifestyle Family Photographer

I always had really amazing family members around me while growing up. People who’s creativity and athletic ability are laughable. Freak show talent status but in the best sense of the term. And my cousin Amy is one of the best of them. We grew up right next door to one another and for as far back as I can remember, she’s had a camera in her hand. I always looked up to Amy and admired her amazing work and genuine, loving, caring personality. She’s hands-down my main inspiration for picking up a camera back in the day. She is constantly blowing my mind and making me want to do better. Earlier this year Amy and her daughter PJ lost an amazing husband and father to a long batter with cancer. It’s been a very challenging couple of years and a very devastating couple of months for them. I was so thrilled when Amy texted me telling me that she and PJ were going to stop by Boise to see us on their 25 day adventure together. It was such a special gift as the Tucsonians RARELY visit us. Hint hint. Amy and PJ let me take a few photos of them one night. I was so touched by the special love and understanding that these two share. They are each others rock, happiness and life. Seeing them together is such a beautiful thing. Thank you so much for coming to see us! Love ya both. MOI!

And their sweet friend

Tuesday, July 24, 2012 - 10:25 am

Brook - What a cute little girl!

Thursday, July 26, 2012 - 5:53 am

Cheryl Navalinsky - These are gorgeous! Love the hair Amy!