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And now we wait….

Well, today is the beginning of my new blog. It also happens to be my birthday and the birthday of one of my best friends. Cheers. I placed the order for my new camera (Canon Rebel XS) and expect it tomorrow in a shiny new box. I completely anticipate huge disasters for a bit but hopefully I can get the hang of it and start posting some fun stuff on here. I keep googling all around town checking out some tasty food photography, the kind that can make you salivate looking at a hunk of raw steak. I keep pretending that my stuff will look like that but you know, we all need dreams!

For my 8-5er I am a graphic designer. From an early age I knew I would be an artist so this was a good fit for me. I totally dig it and love every minute of it…some of the time. After hours when my retinas are singed from staring at my monitors I head home and start really playing. I bake, I cook, I make jewelry, I make messes. I hate cleaning. I have the most ridiculous obsession with food…eating it, making it, eating it. It is sort of a passion of mine. Unfortunately working out isn’t, yet. Through the lens of my new camera I will follow my fun projects, adventures and outings. I will share new tips and tricks that I learn along the way. And hopefully I grow in my photography skillzzzzz. Skills that I clearly was NOT bred for.

My new camera is probably traveling through the scorching heat of Arizona on its way to my eager paws. So until then…we wait.