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The mini McLaughlins

Fhew! I managed to get out of Oregon without a restraining order. I think my sister’s hubber must have been about 32 shutter clicks away. It was redac! Feeding the baby? Better get in there. Changing a diaper? Wouldn’t want to miss that. It’s a stinker? Better get the macro. Ok, kidding about that last one (I don’t get along well with the numero dos). I managed to take just a hair under 4,000 photos in a day under a week. That’s not counting those that got deleted each night. I was sick.

Dear God,

Can you just remake me and put a camera where my left eye is? My arms are really getting tired holding that up all day. I knew it wouldn’t be a problem. Oh, and a few less freckles this time? Thanks. Tallyho.

PS…If you could also throw in the ability to cast stun charms on children so they don’t squirm and eh run away when I am near them.

I will keep adding small people photos to this as I get them ready. Like…hundreds more. Big people photos coming too. Stay tuned!


We’re going where?

This past week we were on a family vacation for my dad’s 60th and the rentals 32nd’ish wedding anniversary. We flew them out to Eugene and as a surprised booked a friend’s house on the beach in Lincoln City. With many blatant slip-ups we still somehow managed to keep the rentals in the dark about our plans to go to Lincoln City. Once we picked everyone up from the airport we all went to Chipotle for some serious fresh-mex love. Hello new friend. While there we gave my parents a “hint” box to open with lots of beach things. My dad thought that he had just scored some crab print napkins and a few salt water taffeys so we finally just had to tell them. Spell it out. This was their reaction. By far my favorite photo of the weekend. I believe the accompanying sounds are something along the lines of, “You what? We what? Noooooo. Noooooo. What?”