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Font Fetish

Dear Martha Stewart,

I wanted to thank you for creating one of my favorite fonts of all time, Archer, and for failing to renew your contract (or whatever it is you did or didn’t do that allowed me to purchase this font). I have obsessed about this font from the first time I saw it grace the pages of MS reading, “How to remove soap scum.” I am working on a fun project at work that not only involves food, but the food of all foods, BEEF. The target audience is primarily women looking for juicy, bloody, meaty recipes and tips. It took me walking 15 steps from our meeting to my desk to realize that this was the perfect font for the project. Could it be possible? Could my dream of one day putting this multi-weight, slab serif font down on paper? Humina humina. With endorphins racing, I hit purchase on the 10 font, $200 package. Aghhhh, sweeeeetttt bliss.

So Martha, I salute you. I pledge to use this font on every last project until people beg me to stop. And even then, I will march on. I can’t be stopped. The beast has been released. So long Mrs. Eaves. I am sure we will meet again someday.

I just dorked out something fierce.


Holy auto white balance Batman!

I have heard from great photographers that you must, must, must shoot in RAW. Which I plan to do, especially when I have the space to do so. Jpg’s lose quality over time. Craziness. I guess for me memory size is an issue as RAW files are ginormous (so I plan to purchase more memory cards). Also, I started out shooting JPG’s so those images were lost causes, or so I thought.

Reading a post today by one of my favorite bloggers, The Pioneer Woman, she talked about why she switched back to JPG’s when she swore she would never shoot in anything but RAW. She also taught me something I didn’t know. If you open up images from Bridge, you can actually open JPG’s in Camera RAW. For someone with no light set-up, little camera knowledge and a cook who doesn’t get a lot of natural light…SUPER SCORE! I just set these puppies to auto white balance. The shot itself isn’t anything great but look at that difference!!! They almost look…dare I say…e-d-i-b-l-e?


The beautiful H-dawg

I am working on a website, for a friend with another friend. Lots of friends. How fun. Hailie, friend #1 in the equation, is an amazing interior designer in town. Her stuff is crazy good. We just met for a quick pic sesh’ in the back alleys of Boise for her head shot on the site. Agh the joy of leaning up against a wall while Bardenay diners watch. I love photogenic people. I mean, I hate them because I am not one, but I love them because it makes my new hobby oh so much easier.

Raaaaarrrr! Hotty totty bo botty.

I love her here! She is so stinking cute!