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Drip. Drop.

I always loved those awesome shots of the good ol’ water droplet. I thought I would give it a try. I failed. I don’t think I failed miserably but still, F+. E for effort. Neither good nor crisp. Totally blurry but maybe all that means is that NEXT time, when I use a tripod (I know, the tripod is always “next time”) it might be better. MIGHT. I think if I had sprung for a tripod that cost more than $11 and wasn’t made of plastic I may be more inclined. I guess that means I should add a new one to my wish list. I did like how I was able to capture the bulbous drop and the air bubbles in the water. Tip o’ the hat to myself. Now back to the drawing board.


We MADE this.

I know this is totally lackluster for most people but if you knew what we went through to make this peach….

3 summers ago we planted a tiny (don’t underestimate my tiny…this thing was a twig) tree that I bought online. Couldn’t have been more than a foot tall. Gus the terrible saw it as a chew toy for his little 3 month old razor teeth. We actually planted 3 trees; a peach, cherry and what we think is a pear. We forgot. Gus took the cherry tree down at the same time that he tried to murder the peach and mystery/pear tree. But we said, what the heck. Let’s see how this plays out. 3 years later the trees are about 9-10 feet tall. The mystery/pear tree was all leaves this year but our GLORIOUS peach tree produced one, fuzzy, medium sized and darn near perfect peach. Isn’t it pretty? It tasted even better than the peaches I bought at Pikes Market in Seattle the previous weekend. Agh fruit. How I love thee.


HDR Summer BBQ

So Nick’s work had their big summer ordeal this weekend. We floated the Boise River and ended up back at the park for the best BBQ I have ever put in my mouth. I had 4 sandwiches. I wanted more. In fact, I want more now. Nnnnnow. The other reason it was a great event was because there were a few little babies there so I got the opportunity to creep out. That’s at least how I feel but I just can’t help it. Babies are so fun to take pics of. I just hope their rents are down for the cause. Here’s to hopin! SO cute though. Landon didn’t take that “what the heck are you doing crazy person?” look off of his face the entire time. haha. I love it.