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The Donley’s

Nick and I got to take the night off a few nights ago to take some pics of our good friends, the Donley’s. Nick was my handy-dandy reflector holder. We went out to the park to get pics of their little buddy, Landon. Doesn’t he have the sweetest eyes? I LOVED his lumberjack outfit.


The Budell Family

KABLOOYYYYY. Ok…I am REALLY bummed about this one. My friend asked me to photograph her family of 7 and I was happy to accept. Slap me now. They all got dressed up, including the men who you know were just overly stoked to be there but were total troopers. We tromped around downtown and the Bishop’s House. I felt like we got some really fun ones. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

I get back to my computer and low and behold…almost all of them were blurry with camera shake. I was totally mortified!!!! Shot with too low of a SS. Days later I bought a book on exposure and enrolled in my first photography class. (Starting in a couple of weeks). Should have been days before. I think a few of them turned out ok but I wish they all did.


500′ish hours + 250 necklaces for 250 AMAZING women

Where have I been the past month? Shaped like a cashew bent over my kitchen table with sore hands and getting caught up on ALL of my favorite and not-so-favorite TV shows. I logged me some goooood tv hours.

One of my good friends up north, Jen Haas, is the CD’A Komen Race Chair. Late spring/early summer she gave me an amazing opportunity. She was going to be hiring me to make all of the necklaces as survivor gifts for the race. It gave me a few months, an achievable task but it was made worse by late or missing supply orders and short orders and ladi-da….life. I got a good head start on the designs in August but the chain ended up being backordered for a month and a half until…oh…say 2 weeks before they were due. Needless to say I spent many a long hour those last few weeks putting the final touches on the necklaces.

The best part of the entire project was completing each piece and knowing it was going to a strong, inspiring woman with an amazing story. It gave me chills, the good kind, to be a small part of it. I was totally bummed to have missed my first CDA race since we started Think Pink but I know it was an awesome event. I might be crazy but I am already hoping to get to work on some more projects like this next year for our local chapter…and CDA. You never know. I am sorry to my hands, back and neglected, hyperactive dog. I just love it too much.

Unfortunately, by the end I had packaged up all 250 without taking a completed photo. I guess that means I will have to make one more. But for now…

The necklaces each had a sterling disc, hand-stamped with the word “HOPE.” Along with the disc was a rose quartz gemstone, all hanging on a sterling silver chain.