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Candy Coburn | Concert for the Cure

Ok…I lied. THIS is the last post before I leave town. I just got home from the Candy Coburn + Susan G. KomenView full post »

Book your Holiday Mini Session

I wasn’t sure if I was going to offer the minis this year but I finally made up my mind and I am SUPER excited!View full post »

Fun in the dub dub | Walla Walla that is

A couple of weeks ago I turned 30. It was scary, not gonna lie. I actually kind of dreaded it but I got to head intoView full post »

Wild Rush Flowers + U-pick, I-love

One of our friends from college just started up a u-pick flower field with her hubs in Nampa. Since two of my favoriteView full post »

Pretty pretty

One of my husband and my favorite things to do when we get home from work is to walk out into our yard together to checkView full post »

Sawtooth Relay 2010

Doesn’t that make it sound like I participated? Sadly…or rather gladly, no. But my husband and some of myView full post »

Bro Hymn Tribute

Dear Pennywise, No correlation really. I liked that song a lot in college, and my brother was in town last week…View full post »

Memorial Day Camping

This weekend we drove up north to go camping with our family on Pond Oreille. Well, it was definitely wet and not warmView full post »

Disneyland pt. deux

I didn’t talk much about our trip in my first post. So hunker down, I tend to get excited. The first day that weView full post »

Disneyland pt 1

Oh wow. We just got back from the most amazing place on the planet last night. My legs are sore, I have a sunburn andView full post »

M-I-C…C you real soon.

Ok, I can’t contain it any longer. Hiyo silver-tomorrow we fly out for the happiest place on earth. That’sView full post »

My buddy and me

I just got a new lens rental in the mail to try out for the next 21 days. I had to rush home at lunch to try it out or IView full post »

Komen Survivor Celebration

We had a great time tonight at the Komen Survivor Celebration. They changed venues this year and held it out at theView full post »

Pretty night

Tonight it was this combo rain/sun situation. We hopped outside really quickly. Lovely light.View full post »


Last night we had our second softball game of the season. I play on my husband’s work team. It’s a kick inView full post »

Fun for me

Yesterday I got my new camera in the mail. Oh what fun!!!! I didn’t have time to play yesterday and had 3 minutesView full post »

Tea Party B-day Idea

If you have a little daughter, throwing her a birthday party like this will make her the coolest cat in school. ThisView full post »

Jewelry giveaway winner! just picked the winner for us! Brook….come on down! You are the lucky winner of a hot new necklace! IView full post »

Happy Easter

I hope everyone is having a great Easter Sunday. We had our good friends Lindzee and Javi over for some burnt breakfastView full post »

A family outing

Yesterday Nick, Gus and I took a little stroll up Table Rock. Between my work, jewelry, photography and freelance andView full post »

Barnwood Floor Mat

Yippy skippy! Recently I placed an order for a barnwood floor mat online and today…zippity doo da! It came!!! ItView full post »

Quick and Easy Nightstands

After I built my last table I promised my husband I would make him a nightstand so that he could stop putting his bookView full post »

2010 Rockies Planning Committee

The Rockie Awards is Idaho’s advertising awards ceremony. I am on the planning committee this year with a group ofView full post »

Happy Birthday Gustopher

Happy Birthday to the light (and dark) of our lives. The above photo is Gus on his first day at home. He was 6 weeks oldView full post »

Most amazing thing of the day

One of my old co-workers and friends was just featured in one of the most honorable articles that I can fathom. ThisView full post »