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Romantic Wedding Invite Pretties

Tis the season for paper pretties. As a wedding photographer, nothing makes me happier than having the privilege to be aView full post »

Can I keep her?

Why yes. Yes I can. Boogs and all.View full post »

Naps. Poor ones.

Oh a 45 minute nap eh? I guess that’s alright when you look like this.View full post »

Frosting Beard

About 4 hours before we had sprinkle vomit. Good heavens she’s wonderful.View full post »

The Maddie Show

This girl kills me. Frighteningly enough, Mads is showing all of the signs of growing up just like her aunt Crissie. SheView full post »

Vroom-vroom | Life. Changing. Experience.

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to spend the day with two people that I greatly admire. Chris and Sarah RhoadsView full post »

Spring has sprung

There is something about a huge vase of fresh cut flowers on my counter to make me feel good. They just give me thisView full post »


Here are a few images from our trip up north the other weekend. Cousins, sigh. My color is looking super wonky. BearView full post »

Kind of in love over here

Our monkey at 5 months. Those facial expressions kill me.View full post »

Designs by Madeline

My adorable little niece is seriously one of the most creative people I’ve ever met. She makes jewelry and is theView full post »

Isabelle Elizabeth McD

Tap tap tap. Is this thing on? The radio silence lasted a little longer than I had expected. Oops. I’ve been soView full post »

Free acne medication? Where do I sign?

I am taking a little photo break for the next few weeks while on maternity leave…so maybe I’ll share a storyView full post »

Photographing a Photographer | Featured on The Lens Loves

The glorious crew over at The Lens Loves is featuring another one of my sessions with Lindy and her family. I seriouslyView full post »

Le Nursery

Yes, that’s french for the nursery. Not really. I figured I had better snap a few pics before Izzy moves in. IView full post »

7 hours of wine

Just got back from my friend, Lindzee’s, bachelorette party in Walla Walla, WA. Oh my. Quite the time. Quite theView full post »

Bumpity bump bump

Here’s a quick update from Captain Awkward of Captain Awkward. As of tomorrow we will be 34 weeks along. ThatView full post »

My baby’s wedding

Well, kind of. Not really. But close. My amazing friends Lindzee and Michelle threw me (or little Isabelle) a babyView full post »

Senior Kaitlyn featured on The Lens Loves

I was contacted a couple of weeks ago by the lovely ladies at to feature the beautiful Kaitlyn that IView full post »

Bump Update

Yoopsies. May have skipped a few months. Anyway, here’s the low-down on el estomago. She’s getting muchView full post »

Save the Boobs

I love this time of year. Race for the Cure season. Race day is such an amazing day in Boise. I love how inspiring andView full post »

It’s a she

I am so terrible at describing my feelings…but there really aren’t words for the first time we were able toView full post »

Belly Update

The past month I have finally been starting to feel like a real human being again. The 3 month ultimate hangover hasView full post »

Save the Boobs

We need your help!  Race day 2011 is on May 7th and we would LOVE for you to join Think Pink on our team.  I promiseView full post »

Tour de Tucson | 2011

We got back from Tucson about a week ago and I am still sad. It’s always so hard to leave that place, and it’View full post »

I have a bun in the oven

Yup. And YAY! I am hoping that my bun looks more like a really small child than a yeasty roll and my oven looks a littleView full post »


What? I’ve been busy, see: terrible poster. This night was SOOOO much fun that I still have to share. It’sView full post »