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Mommy + Daughter

Mommy+daughter pics are at the top of my list right now.View full post »

The Epler Crew | Boise Lifestyle Family Photographer

Go Vandals. Go Mighty Vandals! I always love photographing my kinfolk, but when they are just this sweet…love loveView full post »

Coolest. Family. Ever.

I was so honored when Trish accepted my plea to come into her home and shoot her amazing family. I begged. They haveView full post »

A fabulous family

Here are just a few shots I captured today of a rrrrreally fantastic family. I haven’t even downloaded the entireView full post »

A really, really, really, REALLY great man

My amazing Grandpa Bill at his new home in Tucson. Cheers gpa! The desert suits you! xoxoxo  View full post »

Can I keep her?

Why yes. Yes I can. Boogs and all.View full post »

Tip o’ the hat 2012

2012 was my favorite year yet. Thanks to you. Here are some of my favorite captures of good friends and new friends&#View full post »

Amanda’s cute, adorable, fantastic family

I was shivering timbers to shoot this exceptionally talented photographer’s family. It’s so unnervingView full post »

Linsey + Lena = the most beautiful snuggles

This stunning, gorgeous madre is one of my friends and pledge sisters from college. Linsey’s always had thatView full post »

Fall Sessions

Sad to say I only have two Boise area sessions left for the remainder of 2012. Looking to book a session for a senior orView full post »

Amy + PJ | Boise Lifestyle Family Photographer

I always had really amazing family members around me while growing up. People who’s creativity and athleticView full post »

The 3rd Musketeer | Boise Maternity Photographer

One of my very besties from college is having a little baby bff for Izzy ANY day now. I truly couldn’t be happierView full post »

The Maddie Show

This girl kills me. Frighteningly enough, Mads is showing all of the signs of growing up just like her aunt Crissie. SheView full post »

Dad’s most prized possession

Last fall Iz and I got the opportunity to do a mother daughter shoot with my extremely talented friend Jayme MontoyaView full post »

On their orchard | Emmett Family Photographer

I started shooting these friends of mine a year ago when their sweet little McKenna was just born. She’s a walkingView full post »

Mommy time | Boise Family Photographer

I recently got the chance to get together with one of my very best friends from high school. Kim lived literally rightView full post »

My two favorite people on the planet

Meet my makers. My rents came to visit us this past weekend. Those are my favorite weekends ever. I love having themView full post »


Here are a few images from our trip up north the other weekend. Cousins, sigh. My color is looking super wonky. BearView full post »


She’s so completely stunning. I had to share one from tonight’s session. It was raining right up until gameView full post »

2011 was a blast

Thanks so much to my amazing clients and friends for letting me capture your moments! You made it an amazing year!View full post »

2.5 of my favorite people on the planet | Seattle Family Photographer

This girl has killed mice for me. Mice! Can you ask for a more amazing friend? No. You certainly cannot. Love ya Cin andView full post »

Deverall-erific | Boise Family Photographer

I think it’s virtually impossible not to fall in love with the Moyer family. For clarification Moyer is Lindsay&#View full post »

Jane | Boise Family Photographer

A couple of weeks back I got to shoot Jane. Jane and her completely gorgeous and adorable family. Jane is also a memberView full post »

Le Holgates | Boise Family Photographer

A couple of weeks ago I got the chance to shoot one of my good friend’s family. Kate and I went to collegeView full post »

These guys make me smile

Another sneakity peakity from today’s second session. They just make me smile.View full post »