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Jena + Marc | Boise Engagement

Oh these two. Adore. Jena and Marc traveled to Boise from Portland for our session. We started shooting where they firstView full post »

Phil + Kelli Engaged

I just had the pleasure of shooting a high school friend with his adorable and darling fiance. This is just a quickView full post »

Tessa + Derek | Bend, Or Engagement Session

It’s the Shamberg trifecta. This summer I get to shoot the last of the three Shamberg weddings—one of myView full post »

John + Laura | Engaged

Hi. Hello. My name is Crissie and I’ve been a bad, bad blogger. But I’m back. And it’s finally my timeView full post »

Jenny + Matt Engaged | Boise Engagement Photographer

Jenny is an adorable fourth grade teacher who never stops smiling, and Matt is an old friend of mine from 6th grade. NotView full post »

Colbi + Dan || Engaged

Oh Colbi. Dear Colbi. I adore this chick. She’s one of my dear friends at work. Life of the party. Dan’s theView full post »

Kim + Dave || Engaged

These two are so natural and easy. So full of love. And just so stinking nice. Can’t wait for the big day thisView full post »

Kate + Max

I die. One of my top, favorite people to ever grace this earth. Katie. Kathleen. Kate. And Max. Max loves Katie so muchView full post »

Rachel + Mike // Foggy Spokane Engagement Session

BAH! Heart heart heart heart. These two are really, really special. Two of the sweetest people you will ever meet.View full post »

Tip o’ the hat 2012

2012 was my favorite year yet. Thanks to you. Here are some of my favorite captures of good friends and new friends&#View full post »

Jean + Chris // Coeur d’Alene Engagement Photographer

Bah. Honestly probably forgot how to type. It’s been a whirlwind of a fall — I’ve gotten so behind on myView full post »

Fall Sessions

Sad to say I only have two Boise area sessions left for the remainder of 2012. Looking to book a session for a senior orView full post »

Mitch + Carrie | Engaged | Bend, OR

Carrie is one of my friends from school. And before I met her at Alpha Phi, she was one of my husband’s friendsView full post »

Mel + Willie + Ice Cream | Boise Engagement Photographer

I love these two. It was such a gorgeous night, beautiful light following a storm. You both make such a perfect pair. IView full post »

Jennie and the big D

Tonight I got to shoot some very dear friends of ours. Dylan and Jennie are two of the kindest, most creative, up forView full post »

Vroom-vroom | Life. Changing. Experience.

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to spend the day with two people that I greatly admire. Chris and Sarah RhoadsView full post »

Sarah + Brian Engaged | Boise Engagement Photographer

I met Brian at my friends wedding this past summer. These two are so stinking sweet and so in love. You can tell theyView full post »

2011 was a blast

Thanks so much to my amazing clients and friends for letting me capture your moments! You made it an amazing year!View full post »

Katie + Charlie | Coeur d’Alene Engagement Photographer

Agh, Charles and Katie are finally going to tie the knot! This makes me incredibly happy! Katie is one of my closestView full post »

Tim + Amanda = Engaged

Meet Tim and Amanda. They are both very, very tall. They both have huge smiles and they are both incredibly sweet. I metView full post »

Brian and Claire

I am just going to start this out by saying that some or all of my facts might not be true. I am going from memory hereView full post »

2010 was pimp, thanks to you

Because I never do anything in a timely manner, I will post this now. A month late. 2010 was such a fun year forView full post »

Jackie + Tyler = Engaged | Boise Engagement Photographer

I first met Jackie over, surprise, pizza at one of my favorite local digs, Flatbread. She came cruising in and IView full post »

The Beautiful People, The Beautiful People.

Wow, I seriously almost forgot the login to my blog. Holy tamale. That’s sad. Um, hello. I’m CrissieView full post »

Holiday Card Season

Hello fabulous clients! It’s that time of year again to start thinking about sending out your Holiday cards. WhyView full post »

Ashley + Jeremy // Engaged

Ok, these two are pretty much adorable. They were both a little soft-spoken and shy…but then…not so much inView full post »

Steve + April // Engaged

Yes, I realize that I pretty much report back after every session that such and such couple or family was just likeView full post »

Lindzee + Javier // Engaged

I met Lindzee a little over 12 years ago. We had both joined the same sorority at UI. The first time that I knew that weView full post »