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The Last Call – end of an era. For now anyway.

7 and a half years, 3.75 albums, 1,098 arguments and countless bottles of whiskey later, Nick’s band, Smooth Old-View full post »

From sand to shelf

About a year and a half ago Nick and I stayed at this same house with some friends. For a wedding present they got us aView full post »

More minis

Here are some more pics of the cuties!View full post »

Kiss Kiss Hug Hug

Awwwwww….Ok, stand there and kiss. NEXTTTTT! Stand there and kiss. NNNNNEEEEEXXXXTTTT! Pretend this isn’tView full post »

The mini McLaughlins

Fhew! I managed to get out of Oregon without a restraining order. I think my sister’s hubber must have been aboutView full post »

We’re going where?

This past week we were on a family vacation for my dad’s 60th and the rentals 32nd’ish wedding anniversary.View full post »

A guitar, a river and a RRREEEEALLLLY old chair

Last night I went and snapped some pics for a friend of mine. His new solo album is about to “drop” (as theyView full post »

Peach-Blueberry Pie

Nick’s boss just retired so he asked me to make his boss a pie. Last night I threw together a peach-blueberry pieView full post »

I heart Idaho

Look at this place? Is this not the most gorgeous place you have ever seen? We went up to Stanley with some friends thisView full post »

Turns out beets are good. Darn good.

Last night Nick and I went to our friend’s new house that they just finished building with some of Nick’sView full post »

Photoshopping bafoon

I know that “real” photographers try to get the image perfect, or close to SOOC (straigh out of camera) soView full post »

A dark day for Nick

The day that most people bring home a shiny new car is usually a day full of excitement and glee. The kind where youView full post »

Trip to CDA

Here are some pics from our trip to Coeur d’Alene this weekend. Gus on the way up…lips flapping in the wind.View full post »

Kaylee Bean

I was able to take some pics of my niece, Kaylee, this weekend. It was really fun but a bit of a challenge because sheView full post »

First official photo with 50mm 1.8 lens

I didn’t set this up or do anything cool but my lens just came to my desk at work when I was sitting here eatingView full post »

We be jammin

These pics are awful but I promise that you would love them if you could smell them. Last night I made some huckleberryView full post »

He cooks?

This information would have been useful the past 8 years! Last night I found out that my husband can cook, and a meanView full post »

Hello Lova

Hooray! It’s here! I came home last night to find 3 perfect boxes sitting on my front porch. I felt a littleView full post »

And now we wait….

Well, today is the beginning of my new blog. It also happens to be my birthday and the birthday of one of my bestView full post »