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Day 3 | St. Thomas

St. Thomas was our anniversary, Oct 13. (Although a few times I thought it was the 10th or 17th when picking lottoView full post »

Day 2 – Samana | Cayo Levantado

Day 2 we were to be heading into Samana, in the Dominican Republic. We had heard that it wasn’t the best placeView full post »

Day 1 – Day at Sea

The first day after embarkation was a day at sea so you pretty much just bum around and do whatever you like. AfterView full post »

Bienvenido a Miami

Wahoo!!! It was such a fun relief stepping off of the plane into 80% humidity, and I am serious. Nothing says you haveView full post »

The Donley’s

Nick and I got to take the night off a few nights ago to take some pics of our good friends, the Donley’s. NickView full post »

The Budell Family

KABLOOYYYYY. Ok…I am REALLY bummed about this one. My friend asked me to photograph her family of 7 and I wasView full post »

500′ish hours + 250 necklaces for 250 AMAZING women

Where have I been the past month? Shaped like a cashew bent over my kitchen table with sore hands and getting caught upView full post »

Hello again

Sorry for the brief hiatus from the blog. I have a gajillion posts to catch up on. Lots of fun things have been going onView full post »

PB Brownie Bites & my first frosting rose

This weekend was my friend Michelle’s 29th b-day so I made her some cupcakes to eat at the bowling alley. Later toView full post »

Core Concepts – sneak peak

Last night I got the opportunity to shoot 2 of my best friends in the flat-out rockin’est (yes, I went there)View full post »

Jen and Nick Haas

You know when you have that friend, that one friend that you want to find true happiness? Not that all of your otherView full post »


I think I just threw out my shoulder…sitting at my desk at work. They didn’t warn me back in school thatView full post »

Roasted Zucchini, Tomato and Goat Cheese Flatbread

Oooh I love that stinky cheese. I know that doesn’t sound appetizing but that’s just how a feel about goatView full post »

Fiesta Lime Salsa

I love how this salsa turned out. If anything looks like a party, I am in and this salsa most definitely looked like aView full post »

Pat and Kat, part 1

Pat and Kat, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G. The singer of Nick’s band married his sweetie this weekend. TheView full post »

Ava Lyn Martin

AKA: Cheeks-magooLOVE HER!A friend at work had her own little munchy last year and OH is she sweet. And a potentialView full post »

Grilled Ribeye Steak with Onion-Blue Cheese Sauce AND Soy Garlic Green Beans

Pioneer Woman, you are my hero. The end. Yesterday, one of my favorite blogs, posted this recipe. IfView full post »

Raspberry Nectarine Crisp

3 summers ago, when we had just moved into our house I was totally inspired to plant all sorts of fruit and vegetables.View full post »

Caprese Pie

Tuesday night I made a tomato pie, inspired by Smitten Kitchen’s recipe. (I made hers last week which was reallyView full post »

Drip. Drop.

I always loved those awesome shots of the good ol’ water droplet. I thought I would give it a try. I failed. I donView full post »

We MADE this.

I know this is totally lackluster for most people but if you knew what we went through to make this peach…. 3View full post »

HDR Summer BBQ

So Nick’s work had their big summer ordeal this weekend. We floated the Boise River and ended up back at the parkView full post »

La Grande, OR with the Kunz clan

Here are some pics from Nick and my trip over to La Grande yesterday to visit friends. We started off at the mostView full post »

London de Angeli Kunz

My husband’s very best best best friend, the best man in our wedding, just gave birth to his first baby girlView full post »


Here are some more fun pics of our weekend in Sea-town with the Maki’s.View full post »

The Makilakilaki’s

My friend Lindzee and I took a little trip to Seattle this weekend to visit one of our favorite couples in the historyView full post »

$30 Macro Lens

Last night I took a break from making jewelry to mess around with my cheapo Opteka Macro lens for 5 minutes. It was $30View full post »

Font Fetish

Dear Martha Stewart, I wanted to thank you for creating one of my favorite fonts of all time, Archer, and for failing toView full post »

Holy auto white balance Batman!

I have heard from great photographers that you must, must, must shoot in RAW. Which I plan to do, especially when I haveView full post »