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Reduced Fat Bolognese

Last night we had some friends over for dinner. Jon and Toby used to work with Nick but a few months ago moved to a newView full post »

Go Mighty Vandals!

I am a bit behind on my posting so let me backtrack a few days. Back to the day when the Vandals ruled the world. It wasView full post »

A Very Hardy Christmas

For Christmas this year we went to my sister’s house in Eugene, Oregon. The weather was chilly but foggy whichView full post »

2010 Resolutions

AKA, things that might never happen. 1. Take my gym membership from FAT TAX (once a month payment to the gym but neverView full post »

Lots of champagne and a new dress size

This weekend was my good friend Lindzee‘s Annual Champagne Cookie Exchange. It was glorious, fattening and liverView full post »


One of our friend’s at my husband’s office asked me to take photos of their little people Christmas party atView full post »

Tis the season for JEWELS!

I have been keeping my hands quite busy lately filling numerous jewelry orders. It’s a really good problem to haveView full post »

Still married

Well…we beat the odds. Nick and I went shopping together last night at Target and managed to respect our sacredView full post »

The Thomas Clan

This afternoon I took pics for some friends of ours. It was downright toasty today at a whopping 28 degrees. I muchView full post »

Local Cookie Exchange goes Global!

Every year one of my best friends, Lindzee, hosts a cookie exchange. She started this tradition years ago in Seattle andView full post »


This is London, who I shot a few months back. Remember her? Look at her now! Already a different person. She is theView full post »

The fam

These are my incredibly photogenic people. My sis-in-law, bro-in-law and modelesque niece Kaylee. We literally had 1.5View full post »

The Norskog’s

I just got back from snapping some pics for our friends, Brooke and Toby and their two high-falutin pups, Jet and Helo/View full post »

Holiday Party at River Quarry

A few friends and I met this morning for a nice, intimate holiday party at my old apartment complex. Tara made the worldView full post »

Boise’s Coolest Alley

Two of my friends just got new cameras. YAY! I don’t have to be an obsessed freak alone. I will drag them downView full post »

We sat on a baby

Oh wait, sat for a baby? Whatever. The other night our friends dropped off their little dude, Landon, while they went toView full post »

Today is a very good day.

Well, for a few weeks now I have been waiting in anticipation for my new iMac to arrive. Finally, Monday it shipped fromView full post »

Santa’s big fat helper.

Ho ho ho. Tis the season to become THAT person and wrap your dog in xmas lights for a photoshoot. Hey, I didn’tView full post »

Meet Mr. Fuzzy Head

I don’t think that I can ever do the dust in our house justice. It is downright NASTY and impossible. I don’View full post »

Ooh, color

I read a tutorial last week on how to bring color out of an otherwise lifeless photo. It is SO easy and makes a hugeView full post »

The men in my life

That’s right. There are two of them under my roof. And here they are in all of their post-run-on-the-greenbeltView full post »

The Bartos

Today I got to photograph some friends who, coincidentally ALL look like models. Rough isn’t it? Hello…lookView full post »

Fix-it-Friday – I heart faces

There is this great photography blog I recently started following that is a great resource and also lets its readersView full post »

Day 5 – Day at Sea

See Day 1. Repeat. The come, they eat, they leave.View full post »

Day 6 – Great Stirrup Cay

I could never figure out why I couldn’t find information on this island. As it turns out it is the cruise companyView full post »

DAY 4 – Tortola, Virgin Gorda

Ok…sorry for the delay! I am back to report a bit more on the cruise. I hope I can still remember some stuff. WeView full post »

Me being selfish

Alright, this is me being selfish. As if you haven’t seen it before. An amazing photographer is giving away one ofView full post »

Congrats Evan and Natalie

FINALLY! After years of dating our good friend Evan popped the question to his lova, Natalie this weekend. I wasView full post »