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Jena + Marc | Boise Engagement

Oh these two. Adore. Jena and Marc traveled to Boise from Portland for our session. We started shooting where they firstView full post »

Tessa + Derek | Bend, Or Engagement Session

It’s the Shamberg trifecta. This summer I get to shoot the last of the three Shamberg weddings—one of myView full post »

Chewy Granola Bars

Last week I decided I was going to crave chewy granola bars. I set out to find the perfect recipe. Or at least IView full post »

Crème Brûlée Pie

  Over the break my husband’s cousin brought over the MOST AMAZING PIE to Christmas Dinner. I seriously ate theView full post »

Naps. Poor ones.

Oh a 45 minute nap eh? I guess that’s alright when you look like this.View full post »

Tea time

I used to hate tea. Tasted like river water. But I’ve turned a new leaf. Pun intended. How can I hate somethingView full post »

Tip o’ the hat 2012

2012 was my favorite year yet. Thanks to you. Here are some of my favorite captures of good friends and new friends&#View full post »

Amanda’s cute, adorable, fantastic family

I was shivering timbers to shoot this exceptionally talented photographer’s family. It’s so unnervingView full post »

Jean + Chris // Coeur d’Alene Engagement Photographer

Bah. Honestly probably forgot how to type. It’s been a whirlwind of a fall — I’ve gotten so behind on myView full post »

Linsey + Lena = the most beautiful snuggles

This stunning, gorgeous madre is one of my friends and pledge sisters from college. Linsey’s always had thatView full post »

I heart Katy.

Seriously adore this gal. I had the opportunity to shoot Katy a couple of years back when she was a senior in highView full post »

Fall Sessions

Sad to say I only have two Boise area sessions left for the remainder of 2012. Looking to book a session for a senior orView full post »

Graham | Boise Senior

I know I say it enough, but I also can’t say it enough. I absolutely love photographing seniors. And still, everyView full post »

Katie + Charlie | Coeur d’Alene Wedding Photographer

Throw a little gold glitter on a delicious farm wedding with one of the most amazing couples and…wait….youView full post »

Mitch + Carrie | Engaged | Bend, OR

Carrie is one of my friends from school. And before I met her at Alpha Phi, she was one of my husband’s friendsView full post »

Frosting Beard

About 4 hours before we had sprinkle vomit. Good heavens she’s wonderful.View full post »

Melanie + Willie’s Backyard DIY Wedding | Boise Wedding Photographer

I just smile when I think of these two. They are just so laid back, hilarious, amazing and completely in love. Mel andView full post »

Photo Cyber Buddy Bre Thurston

I still hate seafood but I’d meet my little cyber buddy anywhere, including Joe’s-everything-from-water-CrabView full post »

Amy + PJ | Boise Lifestyle Family Photographer

I always had really amazing family members around me while growing up. People who’s creativity and athleticView full post »

The 3rd Musketeer | Boise Maternity Photographer

One of my very besties from college is having a little baby bff for Izzy ANY day now. I truly couldn’t be happierView full post »

Daiquiri Ice Ice Baby

Word to your mother. Aw shucks. This was THE best ice cream to eat growing up in Tucson. I mean, when we weren’tView full post »

Lily | Boise Senior Photographer

Love love love this beautiful gal! I first met Lily this fall while helping her on one of her school projects for herView full post »

Herion Pretzels

My name is Crissie, and I have a problem. I mean, I didn’t SEE heroin in the ingredient deck, I certainly don&#View full post »

Salted Caramel Shortbread Bars

Fat Freeeeee! Moi ha haha. Rrrrrriiiiiggghhhht. Again, I used the glorious salt sent to me from Tucson in this post. IView full post »

The Maddie Show

This girl kills me. Frighteningly enough, Mads is showing all of the signs of growing up just like her aunt Crissie. SheView full post »

Spicy Cortez Cocktail – Sea of Cortez Sea Salt

Now that’s one refreshing drink. Clean, spicy, herbaceous and citrusy. It took 3 tries to perfect it. Oh the woesView full post »