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John + Laura | Engaged

Hi. Hello. My name is Crissie and I’ve been a bad, bad blogger. But I’m back. And it’s finally my time to dote on (and potentially humiliate) my adorable little brother.  As a wee little tyke he allowed my sister and I to play dress up with him. Or, on him. We’d dress him in our synchronized swimming costumes, Peter Pan costumes (green tights mandatory) and whatever other creation we could think up. He’d prance around with us and totally get into character. He was amazing. At that point my dad would typically walk in and put a baseball in his hand. Good thing he did, he made a much better ball player than a dancer. MUCH better. He’s one of the best athletes I’ve ever met. I affectionately named him Boy Wonder in high school because he literally excelled in everything he touched. One of the best shortstops, pitchers and hitters you’ll ever meet. After playing pro ball he went back to U of A to finish school. While working at La Paloma, the resort that my dad was the tennis pro at back in the 1980′s, he met his fantastic fiance on the golf course. She asked him on their first date – in front of my dad. Gotta love that! John proposed to Laura by creating a fake golf hole on a snow covered course in Bend, OR while on vacation. It makes me so warm and fuzzy to see how happy John makes Laura and even fuzzier to see how happy he makes her. We are so lucky to have Laura join our family. She never stops smiling and is up for anything. And man does she love him. John’s one of the kindest, most hilarious (for reals), honest, caring people you will ever meet. He’s such a blessing to our entire family. I’m so happy he and Laura found one another. And even happier to get to shoot their pimp juice wedding in Tucson this spring. Best wishes to you both. xoxoxo. Man, that was cheesy. I should blog more so I cheese less. Sorry. Everyone.

Wait you want me to what?

Um no chance. Carry on.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014 - 10:43 am

Kim - That’s so sweet. Is it okay if he remains 11 in my mind?

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