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The Stevens Familial Unit

Love these guys! Julie is one of my co-workers but we have become good friends with the Stevens. And, they like our dog Gus, when most people are afraid of him. In fact, when we leave town, they not only watch him, but they let him sleep in their BED!!! Love it. The dad, Dave, was hoping that we wouldn’t want Gus after we had our baby but he is really wrong. Like….really, really wrong.:)Dave is also our “contractor” as in he rebuilt our entire house after the second great flood of 2010. Dave also texts back when I contact him freaking out that the lawnmower is smoking or this or that. I feel like I should pay him a yearly “DaveSupport” fee for his enlightenment.

Rylie, the youngest is a huge crackup. She would just strike a pose, and when the camera wasn’t on her, she was commenting about how much better the shots would be if they were of her. She is a riot. Sage is adorable. She has the most beautiful brown eyes and giggle. Speaking of, doesn’t Julie, the momma bear have the greatest laugh/smile you have ever seen? She’ll probably kill me for saying that. Oh well.

Thanks Stevens!


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