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Tour de Tucson | 2011

We got back from Tucson about a week ago and I am still sad. It’s always so hard to leave that place, and it’s not just the 75 degree weather in February, or Eegees frozen fruit drinks. It’s always such a great family reunion where we literally pack food and events into every spare second. For those of you who don’t know the Hardy’s, we are QUITE passionate about our food. We literally plan our days around our meals. Not joking. We were there for over a week and still had things to see and do. Here’s a quick rundown with a bazillion snapshots.

Tucson Gem Show

This is the main reason I go down in February (although the family reunion takes the cake). My aunt and I spent the entire first day there. That place is so insanely amazing and overwhelming. The Tucson Gem Show is the largest in the world. It goes for literally miles along the freeway. My aunt Janet is the one who taught me to make jewelry so it’s always so fun to get to spend that day with her, sharing ideas and shopping. Silver prices were ummm, double this year which was a stinker but I would say our trip was still quite successful. I got to go back a second time with my parents and sister. It’s quite possibly one of the coolest events ever. It’s illegal to take pics inside any of the tents (we actually saw a security guard making someone delete a photo from their camera). My sis snuck this incredibly flattering photo of me dropping some deals. How happy do I look? I scored SO many awesome gems and findings. I will actually be spending the rest of the day today making cool new duds for our AWESOME new downtown location store in Boise.

El Guero Canelo | Man vs. Food

While I was at the gem show my family snuck away to hit up Lindy’s from man vs. food. We will not discuss this travesty. It’s highly illegal to get food without me present. BUT, we hit up another spot from the show, right after breakfast and right before 18 holes at La Paloma. El Guero Canelo is home of the Sonoran Dog. Holy sweet mother of all that is good, I like hot dogs but I LOVEEEEED these. Insane. So I ate 2.5 and a steak taco. I’m pregnant. That excuse was seen countless more times on the trip. These little gems are wrapped in bacon, placed inside of a homemade, steamed bun and topped with pinto beans, jalapeno sauce, tomatoes, onion, mustard and mayo. Yes, mayo. OMG. INSANE.

Bisbee & Tombstone, AZ

We took a day and drove down to Bisbee and Tombstone, SE of Tucson near the border. Bisbee is this adorable little copper mining town on a hill, full of hippies. Mind you, when we got to Tucson the temperatures were reaching all-time lows since the 1800′s. Bisbee is at 5500 ft, thus SUPER DUPER cold. We drove down there to eat at this amazing Mexican restaurant that we love but much to our dismay, the pipes in the entire town had been frozen for nearly a week. BLASPHEMY. We had to eat at the local, overpriced and way too slow grille. After that we were tainted so we left and headed to Tombstone.

Tombstone is always a favorite spot to hit on the Hardy Tour de Tucson. We hit Boothill Cemetery last year so this year we just walked through the town. My nephew, Sam, is very obsessed with Buzz Lightyear, not Woody. VERY obsessed. My BIL wanted to buy him a cowboy hat at the OK Corral but it took some serious convincing. He didn’t want to hurt Buzz’s feelings by dressing like Woody. Wyatt Earp even walked through the store after his shootout and stopped to talk to Sam. Sam just asked him lots of questions about Buzz Lightyear. He told him that if he was looking for space men he should go back to Bisbee. Pretty funny. Sam ended up with his hat and really owned the role. He kept posing like a cowboy for every shot. Dang that kid is precious.The thing I love about Tombstone is that these are actually the streets and the bar where Wyatt Earp and his bros walked many years ago. It’s amazing the way the town is literally frozen in time. I do also love Old Tucson Studios because that’s where the actors who played them and the movie was shot. But that’s coming up later.

My Baby Shower

Oh this was so much fun. While there, my Aunt, sister and niece hosted a baby shower for me. It was so cool. It was Mexican themed because well, they’ve met me. My aunt made some amazing burritos and bought some tamales from a woman down the road. My sister made some cake pops (I will be elaborating on these in their very own post) and my mom and sis made some adorable onesie cookies. It was sooooo great to see all of my Tucson aunts, my cousin Amy and two of our good family friends. PLUS, all of those amazing gifts really made this little alien growing inside of my belly seem real. I got some of the most amazing gifts. My mom cross-stiched a bib for my and my sis made me a patchwork quilt. It was such a great night!

Photo session with my cousin Amy and her daughter Presley Jane

This will also get it’s own post soon. Here is one from that session. My sister dropped by with Libby to play so here areĀ  few of them as well.

I melt here. That toe.


Go Packers! Yeah, I am SO not into football. But I stick around for the commercials. My family however, could not be more opposite. My grandpa lives in Wisconsin but comes to stay with my family for a few months each winter. BIG Packers fan. I loved this! Here’s my nearly 93 year old grandpa rocking a jersey.

The kids were in the other room watching a movie on the laptop. I laid on the floor literally 2 feet from them and not one single eye peered my way.

Playing in the park

Matt, I think there’s a weight limit.

The bug family.


We headed down to the Tubac Art Festival for a few hours. It’s a great little craft fair where I left with some great balsamic vinegar and some little sauce packets. We also ate lunch there. I had been drooling over this vendor for a year. Gorditas. Deep fried. Doughy. Humina. Unfortunately I kept the camera in the case except for one shot. Tin Cup was filmed here.

San Xavier del Bac

Nick had never seen this amazing mission so we made a stop by here on the way back from Tubac. It’s so insanely gorgeous. If you are ever in Tucson, please check it!

Sam’s 4th Birthday

We got to celebrate Sammy’s fourth birthday in the park with none other than Eegees. We got 6 feet of sub and polished it off. Count how many of us there are. We are freaks. I blame Eegees. They shouldn’t make their food so good.

My cousin, Logan, showed up with his Son, Ryan. I grew up with Logan so it’s always a special treat to see him.

This was a Buzz themed party, of course.

Two of my favorite ladies on the planet.

Grandpa Bill

Old Tucson Studios

This place is so much fun. We went last year but all of the rides were shut down. This year we got lucky. Rides were open, shows were on. So many old westerns were filmed here, including but not limited to, Tombstone and Three Amigos.

This kid was glowing.

Libby, not so much.

And….she got the root beer.

This shot was in both Tombstone and the Three Amigos.

Gates Pass

La Paloma

I haven’t golfed this course since I lived there in the 80′s and I played 18 holes. My parent’s good friends built this resort back in the 80′s. My dad was the tennis pro and owned the pro shop until we moved. Now, his assistant pro is the pro and my uncle is the assistant tennis pro. My brother works on the golf course and just won employee of the year. Woot woot. This course is so stinking gorgeous. Bro hooked us up with some sweet Callaway rentals. I am slightly hooked now.

Golf stud vs. pale, pregnant white chick from Idaho who doesn’t know how to pack the right clothes.

A bobcat crossed the cart path. Pretty sweet. Probably hunting puppies.:)

I don’t know who let’s me out of the house looking how I do. I am not responsible for myself.

Hardy girls are totally normal.

Mama Louisa’s

This is one place that anyone visiting Tucson has to go. And they have to order the Joe’s Special with meatballs. My dad’s family has been coming here since he was a kid.

And a sweet shot.

Monday, February 21, 2011 - 3:03 pm

Terri Martin - What a fun trip. Awesome pictures. I love your parents house! Looks so cozy!

Monday, February 21, 2011 - 3:58 pm

Hollan - Wow, Cris. Wow. You did a great job on this post-that was such a fun vacation. I probably wouldn’t have okayed some of those shots of me had you asked, but you didn’t. What can you do. Love the pics! Thanks for doing this!

Monday, February 21, 2011 - 5:54 pm

Michelle - Your trip looks incredible! I just love how much fun you and your family have.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011 - 10:40 pm

catie - Pretty sure you and every single one of your family members stepped out of a JCREW catalog! Another job will done on incredible pictures!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011 - 2:44 am

Faye Palmer - yeah it would be fucking hilarious with hormonal teens going crazy and throwing bitch fits

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