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Brian and Claire

I am just going to start this out by saying that some or all of my facts might not be true. I am going from memory here so things might be made up, or embellished or just straight wrong. These guys are probably the neatest people! Fun, fun, fun. Brian, one of my co-workers, met Claire while back-country skiing (or heli-skiing….or something really cool that I could never do) in Alaska. She was potentially born there (not sure on that fact but her family lives there) and Brian was living there after serving in the military. Or maybe he was still in it while there? Ugh. Ok, enough with me trying to give the details. Claire is currently going to medical school and thankfully doing her residency in Boise, where Brian’s family lives. THAT part I KNOW to be true, his dad is my boss. They got married in Alaska last year but couldn’t have their dog, Maggie, in their wedding so Claire always wanted to do a post-engagement session with the pups. They recently added Moose to the family as well.

After a few failed attempts with the weather, we finally made it up to the foothills on an awesome winter day. Blue skies. Heaven! I realized that day that my dog whispering skills are a little less than up to par. Ok, well…I guess I don’t have any if you have met my dog. But I will say that it proved to be quite challenging to get the pups to pose. Hey Moose, what part of smile big for me don’t you understand? Needless to say, they are just presh! Thanks for letting me shoot you guys. I had such a fun day!

They had to tie the pups to the trees for a few shots and Moose got himself all tied up.

My heart always pitter patters for Converse!

Running shot A

Running shot B

These must have been fun to get out.

I’m sorry parental units. This is my seat now. Get in the back. What?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011 - 8:49 am

terri - Awesome pictures, Crissie!

Thursday, February 3, 2011 - 2:23 pm

jennifer ecker - Love love love these. i adore your work!

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