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And I’m Off!

It’s Tucson Gem Show season again. Which means I get to be completely overwhelmed by millions and millions of strands of gems while spending more than a should for a few days, and spend the rest of the week spending time with my glorious family in one of the greatest places ever. All the while eating at my favorite old stomping grounds (Mama Louisa’s, Eegees, Nicos) and trying a few new ones (Man vs. Food Sonoran Dog, hello!). I fly out in just a few. Can’t FREAKING wait! I am sure there will be thousands of pics to sort through when I return and LOTS of jewelry to make! Can’t wait. Peace out for the next week or so. Nick, hurry up and join me down here. Moi!

Family, there had better be an Eegees waiting for me when I land tonight. Lock it up!

Friday, February 4, 2011 - 2:33 pm

maki - Sonoran Dog! YES! Take detailed notes and let me know just how great it is, or isn’t.

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