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Amy + PJ

This is my cousin Amy with her daughter Presley Jane. They live down in Tucson where Amy is a professional photographer. It’s all she’s ever done and she is so amazing at it. She grew up in literally THE single most creative family on the planet. Time is always so rushed while visiting Tucson but we were able to meet up for 45 minutes at her parent’s ranch, the same place we were married 3 years ago. This ranch is so beautiful. I love it there! PJ wasn’t having a tip-top day as far as feeling up for modeling. But she was cute nonetheless. It just made it a little more challenging but we still all had so much fun hanging out!

I’ll end with this. I think it sums up how excited she was to have my camera in her face that day. But even with all that, she still looks so perfectly adorable!

Monday, February 21, 2011 - 10:08 pm

Hollan - love these!

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