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Meet Lukas

Can I please start with how amazing Lukas’ mom looks? Jill is one of my friends and coworkers. I always tell people, she doesn’t run marathons, she wins marathons. She was the cutest pregnant lady I have ever seen and if we are ever pregnant at the same time, mark my words, you will never find me standing near her. I am talking, 20ft minimum. I saw her literally just days after giving birth and I was like, “is this a joke?” She MUST have been wearing a fake belly throughout her pregnancy because this lady did NOT just have a baby. Jealous much? Why yes, I most certainly am.

Oh yes, her baby. Sorry, I get sidetracked easily. Lukas is the cutest little munchy. He definitely got mama’s legs. He wasn’t the sleepiest little buddy but that just meant we got to see his pretty blue eyes.

Congrats Jill, Joe, Huck and Jack. Cheers!

So strong!

Look at his proud mama.

Ok, these next two…I just adore. I know they aren’t the typical “pretty” baby shots but they just show his adorable personality. I had to crop the last shot because this is not an X rated blog.

Monday, November 29, 2010 - 8:14 am

Jill Watterson - Can’t thank you enough! Sorry about the blanket.

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