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Family trip to Eugene

A few weeks ago my brother and parental units flew into Eugene to visit my sister and her family. Nick had to go to Seattle for work so I made the trek alone. The time always flies by way too fast but we had an amazing time. Golf, food, birthday parties, school fun runs and family photos. It was such a great weekend! I always hate leaving. I’d give anything for us all to live in the same geographical location again.:)

One of our favorite places to eat in Eugene is Cafe Yumm. Yum. Vegetarian rice bowls…I know…sooooo not me and SO amazing.

We had a birthday party for Matt, John and my madre one night.I love our tradition…instead of just having a bunch or presents sitting around…someone “hears” an animal making a noise inside and goes to investigate. They return with one gift at a time. It’s so great and never gets old.

We went to Maddie’s school where she was having a run-a-thon. She ran 7 LAPS!

This is a dress that one of my friends in Boise made. Couldn’t have looked cuter. Those REALLY are her eyes.

A walk in the park.

And little Sammy LOVES Buzz Lightyear. I have never seen anything cuter.

This is the annoyed-are-we-done-yet face that I have come to love.

We don’t know what I was doing. We never know.

Oh the thighs. I can’t help myself.

Wait for it….

…annnnnd annoyed. But I don’t know, her annoyed face makes me melt every time.

She has the most amazing green eyes.

Sunday, October 10, 2010 - 1:48 pm

lindzee - They are like a family right out of a jcrew catalog. Love them (want to hate them but cant). You look pretty sassy yourself in the photos. Great job!

Sunday, October 10, 2010 - 7:26 pm

michelle - cris- these are great! your family always looks so stylish–i love it!

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