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Disneyland pt. deux

I didn’t talk much about our trip in my first post. So hunker down, I tend to get excited.

The first day that we arrived we decided to go to downtown Disney for dinner. We weren’t able to go to the park until the next day. If you have any idea what kind of pain that caused me…  Anyway. Downtown Disney is pretty sweet. Open to the public with lots of stores and restaurants. We ended up eating at ESPN zone. Food was average. After dinner we headed upstairs to hit up the arcade. That was pretty fun. We also checked out the LEGOS store which was awesome. They have a life size giraffe, Darth Vader and Woody. You can play with the LEGOS right there.

I didn’t sleep well that night. I was more excited than a 7 year old on Christmas Eve. I actually had a nightmare that we slept in so late that nobody wanted to go anymore. I was WIDE awake by 5 am and sat peacefully until 6:30. Some might argue that is was 6. Whatever time it was, I walked through our adjoining rooms singing Pirates of the Caribbean and Small World. Slowly, the Grinches woke up. We were eating breakfast by 7:30, on the bus by 8:30. I don’t think my feet were touching the ground.

My sentiments exactly Libby. My sentiments exactly.

Annnnnd…we’re in!

And…a very poor decision of mine.

First up on the menu was Space Mountain. It was laughable how fast we moved. We MAYBE waited 5 minutes. It was everything I remembered and then some.

Second on the agenda, Indiana Jones. Man. Love it. Love it. Same issue with the line, or lack of.

When we got out of Indy, our friends were waiting for us. They both had iPods and both had the application that tells you what the wait times are on all of the rides in the park. Note: Anyone going to D-land needs to get this. It was so helpful!

I LOVE this pic. My legs were darn near around my neck to fit all 6 of us in one little cup.

These two clowns, the ones on the right, nicknamed me tweedle-dee when I was younger. At least I hope it was dee. They still call me tweeds to this day.

Hardy party. We had lots of these. Where to next? Who’s watching the stroller? And most importantly, when do we eat? Camera left you can purchase a nice slice of $6 pizza.

The end of a loooong day. Ooh, sorry mom. I’ll be in trouble for this one! I caught her mid blink or something:)

Proud mama  after going on Soarin’ over California. She closed her eyes for most of it. Understandable though, you do lift 2-3 feet off the ground.

Toy Story ride. One of our longest lines the entire trip.

While we are one Indiana, my bro-in-law snuck in to took some pics of the mini’s with their Indy gear.

The rest of the days we spent running back and forth from ride to ride and park to park, eating plenty as we went. Before going we googled the park food and found a list of the top 10 things to eat in Disneyland. We did pretty well making our way through the list. Check out the list  and photos for yourself here. Photos courtesy of

10) Gumbo Bread Bowl at The Royal Street Veranda
Gumbo Bread Bowl
We had this. I had the steak gumbo. It was spicy and delicious.

9) Smoked Turkey Legs, various vendors
Smoked Turkey Legs
We never had these. Much to my dismay. They grossed out everyone in our family, minus one, and I didn’t have the strength to go it alone.

8) Red Chile Enchilada Platter at Rancho del Zocalo Restaurante
Red Chile Enchilada Platter
We did have this. It was DELISH. We got to sit in the shade and watch Big Thunder roll on by.

7) Monte Cristo Sandwich at Cafe Orleans or Blue Bayou
Monte Cristo Sandwich at Disneyland
Sadly, I can’t say we had the pleasure although we all wanted one.

6) Pineapple Whip Float at the Tiki Juice Bar
Pineapple Whip Float
Yes, yes and more yes. Nick and I had these at the Dole Plantation in Hawaii on our honeymoon. They tasted EXACTLY the same here. AMAZING. One of the less expensive treats to buy in the park.

5) Cream Cheese Pretzel
Disneyland Pretzel Cart
Quite possibly one of my favorite things. I believe I had 3-4. I bought one for my mom and then pulled an Indian Giver on her.

4) Croissant Sandwich at Tomorrowland Terrace breakfast
Tomorrowland Terrace
We had free breakfast at our hotel so we didn’t try this.

3) Corn Dog at the Corn Dog Truck
Disneyland Corn Dog Truck
YUMMERS! We didn’t get the corn dog here but we did have one from The Stage Door Cafe. BIG beefy dogs. SO tasty.

2) Seafood Herb Crepe and Pommes Frites at Cafe Orleans
Cafe Orleans, Disneyland

Seafood is in the title so you can guess if I had this or not.

1) Mozzarella Cheese Strips at The Stage Door Cafe
mozzarella cheese strips

Alright, we all had these but it was sketchy. They aren’t on the menu and when you order them they try to talk you out of them. Very long wait in line but TOTALLY worth it. Best cheese sticks any of us had ever had. At least twice the size of normal cheese sticks.

While there we learned lots of Disney trivia from our buddies. One of our favorite facts was that there are hidden Mickeys on nearly every ride in the park. In Peter Pan, for example, Mickey is on the 3rd side of the clock tower, in the window. We had so much fun looking for them.

Did you know that the sword from Sword in the Stone is actually released? After years of trying, I never knew. Apparently, during the sword ceremony, a nearby groundskeeper will bend down to a hidden rock which releases it. Pretty pimp right?

While building my favorite place on earth, Walt lived in an apartment above the fire station when you first walk in. There is a light on in the window but apparently, when his kids are in the park, the light is out. At the time of his death, he had convinced his wife to live in the park permanently so they were building a home in the French Quarter. I believe that people much more important than I are occasionally allowed to stay there.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010 - 9:37 pm

Hollan - Thanks for documenting the trip! Love all the pics! I need copies of these please. They are great!

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