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Tea Party B-day Idea

If you have a little daughter, throwing her a birthday party like this will make her the coolest cat in school. This might be the neatest birthday party I have ever seen! I know I have raved about my sister before but I must again. She really is the world’s coolest mom, and of course she is…she learned from the best. (Shout out to mi madre). My niece Maddie turned 6 this past week so yesterday they threw her the party of all birthday parties. If you have a little girl, you should totally give this one a whirl. I am quite confident she should win international woman of the year, if there is such a thing. Her mother-in-law and aunt-in-law came to town to help and her husband is totally great at this stuff as well. He loves this sort of thing and dove right in. That being said, this is definitely an undertaking but worth every ounce of work.

To set the scene she rented 3 little round tables, chairs and pink linens for her living room. You can rent these from any party supply store and they are surprisingly affordable. To make it easy they will even drop the stuff off and pick it up at your house if you can’t pick it up.  Then she layered doilies on top with white paper plates. To make it extra special she even used her real china tea cups. What a trusting mother. Each table had a vase with flowers as the centerpiece. For the place-cards she found little topiary trees to hold the cards.

When the girls arrived they all got to put on makeup. Very fancy! She had the little ladies put on bright lipstick to play “kiss the frog.” She made an ADORABLE little frog on a poster board and had all of the girls plant a big fat one on the frog. Whoever got closest to his lips won. They had a station where the girls could all make a tissue paper flower. They loved getting to pick their own colors.

HINT: You can get all of the fun little decorations and extras at It’s an awesome one-stop-shop resource for your party needs, and it’s CHEAP!

When it was time for tea the girls were seated and played another quick game of pass the sugar cube around from spoon to spoon. Whatever table did it first without dropping won.

At tea the girls all got white gloves to wear. They did a quick etiquette lesson and then got to enjoy their meal. The had little fruit kabobs, white chocolate covered pretzels, cookie-cutter sammies (see below), tea and little petit four cakes decorated like presents. My brother-in-law, Matt, dressed up in a tuxedo to serve the tea. Is that the coolest thing ever?

For party favors she found these adorable little gift bags shaped like purses and pinned a little flower on them that the girls could wear. She filled the bags with lots of little goodies that she also found on

The party itself lasted an hour and a half. One of the little girls from Madeline’s school was giving a speech in class and listed the party as one of the top 3 highlights of her life. Now there’s a happy customer. If that’s not reason enough to try this party for yourself I don’t know what is!

The perfect way to take an old favorite and make it WOW. This is the recipe for fruity sammies but you can make it with your favorite sandwich as well. You can see in the photos that she did a few variations. Have fun with it. Get creative! These would be a fun surprise for your kid’s lunch boxes!

You will need:

White bread

Strawberry cream cheese



Spread the cream cheese between two pieces of bread and cut out with cookie cutters. Place a raspberry on top for decoration.


You will need:

Wooden kabob sticks found at any grocery store

Fruit of your choice

It’s as simple as cutting the fruit up and spearing it on the sticks. If you really want to get down with your bad self you can cut melon and pineapple with small cookie cutters.

Note: If you plan on using apple, be sure to do a quick wash with lemon juice to keep the apples from turning brown.


You will need:


White chocolate melting chips (Can be found at Michael’s or JoAnn Fabric if not at your grocers).


Melt the chocolate in a double boiler. Be careful not to get any water in your chocolate or it will seize up.

With a fork, dip pretzels into the chocolate to coat.

Put on drying rack or wax paper.

Immediately add sprinkles and allow to harden.

Sunday, April 11, 2010 - 12:04 pm

Terri Martin - What an amazing party for Maddie!

Sunday, April 11, 2010 - 12:11 pm

Hollan - Thanks for the blog Cris! It was really fun, and super-cute watching the girls act like little ladies at the table, instead of the crazy, squealing, twirling girls we know them to be!

Sunday, April 11, 2010 - 12:21 pm

Kim - So cool. You Hardy girls are amazing.

Sunday, April 11, 2010 - 8:20 pm

Jen - Seriously – amazing! I loved the part about the little friend who listed it as a top 3 in her life! I’ll have to pass this idea to my sis;)

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