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My sister ROCKS! Don’t you think?

My sister rocks. That’s all there really is to it! She is the ultra-mom-martha-stewart-rockstar-creative-freak-of-nature.  I can only hope to be the tiniest bit like her when I procreate. She’s amazing. She’s got 3 of the coolest kids; Maddie (5), Sam (3) and Libby (1) and she is lucky enough to get to stay at home with them. Never a dull moment. Sam’s a screamer who loves dump trucks and trains. Maddie’s Little Miss Thang (she is hilarious and amazingly smart). Sam, the screamer is teaching Libby to be a screamer. Oh, and Sam’s a screamer.

With all of this she manages to be the craftiest person, photographer, chicken farmer and the greatest cook. Her husband, is a dentist in Eugene. As she states on her blog, he was diagnosed with Colitis a few years back and it has changed their menu drastically. He was forced to go Gluten Free so Hollan works hard to keep their house eating the fun, yummy and normal food that we all get to enjoy. After months of prodding, she finally started a blog. She made me promise not to tell anyone about it but it’s just too good not to share. I’m ok with taking the heat on this one.

I have eaten her gluten free pie crust a few times and let me tell you, it is to die for. You don’t even notice a difference. Not that everyone has to go gluten free but we could all benefit from eating a little less of it. Check it. Follow it. Love it. Learn it.


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