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Finally, big pictures!

As an artist, I am a visual person. I subscribe to 5 magazines (7 might be more realistic), all of which I RARELY read a word of. Never have. I look at the pictures. If they are good enough I read a paragraph or two (unless it’s a recipe—those I read).  I also hate throwing magazines away. You never know when that House Beautiful “Blue Issue” will come in handy or that 2007 Martha Stewart Holiday wreath will inspire you. Never have yet…but someday, I am sure of it!

Boy, am I ever off topic. What I was starting to explain before I got excited about my addiction to subscriptions (not prescriptions) was that I like pictures. Big ones. Pics so large they won’t fit on a notebook laptop, which is ok because seriously? My previous blog, although free and fine had SUCH SMALL PHOTOS. 500 was my max and that was downright murder. So, after one photoshoot post with small pics, I designed a new blog in 30 minutes on a Saturday with some watered-down Diet Coke. A little while later, Ben McGaughey of Seltice Systems in Coeur d’Alene wham-bammed my design into reality. It’s simple. And the photos are completely, inn-arguably obtrusive. Perfect.


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