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Day 2 – Super Bowl Sunday

And somehow, on one of the best days to have my camera out…it stayed in the case while all of the family was over. WHAT ON EARTH???

Anyway, Day 2 was Super Bowl Sunday. My mom had invited all of the family over. Her side and my dad’s side. I hadn’t seen everyone in 2 years so it was wonderbar! The family portion of the day was the Super Bowl pre-party so we all just ate grub and chatted. Definitely made me miss living there, a ton!

In between the party and the game we went for a little walk (photoshoot).

Note: You NEVER want to FALL on one of these cacti. Every cactus has specific reasons why you want to stay the heck away. Others look like soft hairs that you want to pet so you do but put THOUSANDS of prickers in you that are impossible to get out (um, or so I hear). Or some actually jump on you if you get too close. All painful. But oh the barrel cactus. When I was young I tripped and fell on one outside of our old house. The ends of each of the thick, rigid thorns have hooks and it is like removing oodles of fishhooks from your skin. Whether it is true or not, I am pretty sure each thorn has been dipped in old Indian toxins. That’s my theory. They FREAKING HURT. But aren’t they pretty from a safe distance?

Ok, my mom will honestly murder me for posting this tidbit. She raised a lady (she would say). haha. I laugh.
So, I was taking pics of Maddie and they all had that sad, but adorable and annoyed face that you see in the first pic of this post. She she told me I needed to make her laugh. I knew I couldn’t pull out any appropriate, funny jokes on a whim at that moment so I “passed gas” loudly. Or as my grandma would say, “had a misfortune.” haha. Anyway, it worked. Yes I am remotely mortified but a little proud that it worked. It would have been cooler if she didn’t walk into the house and announce it. Whatever. I can’t believe I am posting this info. Sorry Mom. You did good, I promise.

Everyone cleared out with a little time before the game started. My grandpa, aunt and uncle (on my mom’s side) stayed over for the game. I didn’t even know who was playing. Honest. I show up for the commercials. I was slightly disappointed this year. I did however, LOVE the bud light commercial where the town all runs to make a bridge for the delivery truck. Pretty great.

The nights are blending together but I think that night we played Apples to Apples with everyone. Perhaps. And if that is what we did that night, it was fun.

Oh, my nephew, Sam, did get a bath that night.


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