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The mini McLaughlins

Fhew! I managed to get out of Oregon without a restraining order. I think my sister’s hubber must have been about 32 shutter clicks away. It was redac! Feeding the baby? Better get in there. Changing a diaper? Wouldn’t want to miss that. It’s a stinker? Better get the macro. Ok, kidding about that last one (I don’t get along well with the numero dos). I managed to take just a hair under 4,000 photos in a day under a week. That’s not counting those that got deleted each night. I was sick.

Dear God,

Can you just remake me and put a camera where my left eye is? My arms are really getting tired holding that up all day. I knew it wouldn’t be a problem. Oh, and a few less freckles this time? Thanks. Tallyho.

PS…If you could also throw in the ability to cast stun charms on children so they don’t squirm and eh run away when I am near them.

I will keep adding small people photos to this as I get them ready. Like…hundreds more. Big people photos coming too. Stay tuned!


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