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The Last Call – end of an era. For now anyway.

7 and a half years, 3.75 albums, 1,098 arguments and countless bottles of whiskey later, Nick’s band, Smooth Old-Fashioned High, has called it quits. For various reasons they have decided to take a break. They call it breaking up but I call it a break because I hope that they will realize they are lame idiots and get back together after a very brief hiatus. Mark my words…it WILL happen. It has to. They promised me a Barenaked Ladies cover song in exchange for their album artwork. Album artwork: 2. Barenaked Ladies song: 0. Pay up boys.

We got to the Bouquet at 7:30 to reserve a table for our friends. 2.5 hours later…musical bliss. It was so fun! There were over 400 people there and everyone was boogy-oogy-oggying down. I saw 2 man boobs through the on-stage fog and I would have gladly passed on that. I think that the band was hoping for the female variety but you take what you can get.

They played a rockin encore and I know that it could have gone well into the night but booooo to laws, it didn’t. After a traditional round of whiskey shots for the band we headed home to bed at 2:45. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz sniff sniff zzzzzzz. So sad. So tired. It isn’t real. Say it ain’t so. Here are some blurry pics from the night. I brought the tripod but didn’t want to fight the crowd for a spot to set it up. That and I am lazy.

Nasty Nick McDowell

The encore huddle.

Eric Ingersol on bass.
Evan Reed
Pat and Eric.

Russ Lodge on drums.

The crowd.


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