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The In-law rentals come to town

Mike and Kathy came down this weekend to see Nick’s last show. Single tear. We had a blast and as usual, didn’t leave one second unplanned. They busted down here in 6.5 hours (that includes a 1/2 hr stop) in their zippy little sports car. We went to the cupcake show, the farmer’s market, a movie (more on that later) and Nick’s show. Oh! And we ate dinner at Berryhill and brkfst at Red Feather. Yes. Go to both. Tomorrow. I had the Veggie Eggs Bennedict at Red Feather. I never order those. It was $4 and HEAVENNNNNN. I am not even a veggie person when animal is an option but it was SO good. Sugar snap peas, eggplant, red pepper, squash and whatever else. I believe I spotted fungus as well.

On that movie note, we saw “The Ugly Truth” starring my favorite, Katherine Heigl. Yeahhhh, I mean, I really liked the movie but I would probably tell everyone NO! No no no no no. Don’t see it with your parents, your grandma and definitely not your in-laws. haha. It was pretty funny.

Here are the McD’s with their favorite Granddog. Just kidding Boomer!

Monday, September 7, 2015 - 3:16 am

Georgia - Anna,If I call it “cute” isn’t enough. They’re adarbole!!!You’re right! It’s hard to choose one! Well, since I have 2 children, actually.. I don’t have to choose only one! I can choose two!!! :-) Good idea, huh? :-) Have a DIVINE Sunday Anna and all GORGEOUS AUSTRALIANS! xoLuciane at HomeBunch.comPost of the Day: BREAKING NEWS: JENNIFER ANISTON’S HOUSE FOR SALE. How much???

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