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From sand to shelf

About a year and a half ago Nick and I stayed at this same house with some friends. For a wedding present they got us a glass blowing session here where we blew our own glass float. It was honestly one of the neater things we have ever done. I was so stoked that I came back to Boise and looked into registering for some classes at a studio downtown. 3 minutes after my research commenced, it ended never to be looked upon again. Not cheap. Not happening. Anywho, when we started planning the trip for the rents we knew this was a must-do for their anniversary. They were so excited and surprised. My mom said it was something she has wanted to do since she was a kid.

So you go in there, get your gogs on and meet your glass blowing specialist. Ours was appropriately named Otto. (I am 97% sure that Matt Groening’s stoned bus driver was modeled after him). He was really nice and responded with many “right ons.”

So they picked out their colors, aqua, blue and white and began. They start by picking up some glass on the end of the rod. Then my dad got to add the color by dipping the glass glob onto the color.

After that they take it over to the big stove and heat it up for a bit.

Once heated my dad blew air into it and my mom started swirling the color. She was so nervous. I loved it.

The Peanut Gallery.

Other things happen that I can’t remember and 16 hours later…a glass float! Yippy!


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