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Cupcake Collective – Boise

Saturday my friend Lindzee and I participated in Boise’s first annual Cupcake Collective held at the Linen Building. Larger cities around the world are already doing them and let me tell you…fun fun fun. There are 3 categories you can enter, youth, taste and visual. Pretty self explanatory. After a few test rounds, one involving bacon, Lindzee settled on a Strawberry Lemonade Cupcake for the taste category. she paid to enter the visual category as well but later decided not to play there and was kind of accosted by the cupcake crew. She had a lemon cupcake filled with a tart lemon curd and fresh strawberry cream cheese icing with a fresh strawberry wedge and candied lemon. I know. You are salivating too right? It was SO good! I am a huge fan of sour stuff so this was honestly to die for!
Hello my fine friend.

My taste one was a Red Velvet cupcake and with cream cheese icing, compliments of The Repressed Pastry Chef. It is my favorite cupcake to make. As my husband and a few coworkers pointed out…you can tell you ate them later, ah hem. With one oz of red food coloring per dozen, it’s no mystery why. I sprinkled them with pearl nonpareils. I didn’t place but at least I got revenge on those who ate them and didn’t vote about 7-10 hours later. Haha. I am kidding. Or am I?

For the visual category I entered an Idaho Baked Potato and a Shot of Espresso cupcake. For the baked potato I made chocolate cupcakes and baked them in the cups but on a baking sheet so that they would lose their precise shape and be more “potato’ish.” I dusted the tops with coco powder, wrapped them in foil and placed them in a potato dish. The potatoes were garnished with a fondant butter pad, buttercream icing and fondant chives. Mmmm. This puppy placed second after some gypsy cupcakes. I still scored $50 clams and a package of caupcake mix. Pretty sweet.

For the Shot of Espresso cupcake I used mini cups and placed a sticker on it that I designed. The cake was an espresso spiked chocolate topped with espresso ganache, espresso buttercream and a french vanilla coffee bean on top.

We had a blast concepting ideas, failing miserably (that would be me) and eating. I think we will probably both be doing it again next year. Everyone else stayed and brought extras to restock their displays. We brought 12 of each kind and bounced. Oops. With over 700 people cruising through that day and 100 entries I think we learned a lesson.

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