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Turns out beets are good. Darn good.

Last night Nick and I went to our friend’s new house that they just finished building with some of Nick’s coworkers and their wives. Their new house is totally beautiful, up on Tablerockish — and I am hoping to be moving in within the week. I don’t think it should be an issue. They have some extra bedrooms downstairs that I am sure they would be quite comfortable in.

Laura, Jed’s wife, was the hostess with the mostest. She totally busted out some amazing apps like shrimp and what I was told was a yummo dipping sauce, little feta stuffed flatbreads with bruscetta topping and beets with blue cheese crumbles in endive boats. Everything was so prettyyyyy! She picked up the tomatoes for her bruscetta from a lady’s garden in Ketchum. I was salivating when she spooned it on. And then we just sat there. Nobody pulled the trigger for far too long. I didn’t want to be the first to annihilate the spread so I waited. It was probably a whole 45 seconds but it felt like a lifetime. Finally..we feasted.

Naturally ((I say naturally like I have had the camera more than a week) I busted out the camera and started totally tooling out with the food. It was embarrassing but hopefully I can return soon, with my suitcases. It was a great night. They opened a bottle of some wine that they made and it was freaking delish! But yes, back to these little beet wonders. The closest I have come to a beet was moving it to the side when someone accidentally put one on my salad. Let me tell you, they are goo-ood. Like any self respecting food lover would do I piled around 17 in my mouth which was probably not socially acceptable seeing as how we probably started with 20. These pics turned out like junk. So….THIS is why people use tripods? Intriguing.

They have these totally sweet bears, er I mean dogs. They are darling. I tried to snap a few pics but they didn’t really come out. Bluryy McBlurrington.


Laura and Natalie

Jed opening the wine that they crafted in Walla Walla Woop Woop

Hagrid’s wine goblet. Note Harry Potter reference. He would be the giant. Yes I went to the midnight showing opening night. No I didn’t wear a cape. Yes, I wished I did.

Homeboy himself.


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